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Welcome to my portfolio site and please feel free to explore the various areas of your interest in etched glass among the many examples of  precision sandblasted projects I have created
for  my clients.

It is my hope this website will add insight and understanding of the techniques and applications with sandblasted etched glass, while encouraging all who would venture forth to do so with a greater degree of knowledge and certainty.
All projects shown in this website were accomplished by employing computer design and precision sandblasting techniques.

All types of glass, tempered, non-tempered and mirrors may be sandblasted, as well as other materials including stone, coated ceramics and man-made materials such as Corian and similar  products. Illumination of etched or deep carved glass adds a unique appearance and dimension. The photos on this page are representative of various sandblasting techniques available and you can find additional examples of my etched glass projects using the page buttons above.

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Historic etching inquiries are all welcome.
If you are seeking a custom glass etcher and have an idea for an etched glass project ,
please feel free to contact me.

All of our original artwork is copy protected and is the sole property of  Emerald Etching & Engraving, LLC.
This page was last updated: July 18, 2016
Phone  734-878-6661