Frequently asked questions
Below is a list of questions that I have found to be quite common when asked about my etched glass services.
Hopefully, your immediate questions and concerns may be addressed,
however, please feel free to contact me directly for more information not listed below.
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This page was last updated: July 18, 2016
Is it possible to sandblast Tempered / Safety glass?
Yes, although surface etching is the only recommended method.
Deep etching and carving is not recommended with pre-tempered glass.

I already have a particular design, logo or theme I wish to use for an etched glass project. 
Will you work with an image or design I have and like?
Yes. Some requested designs require more artwork time and revision in order to create an appropriate and scaled sandblasting mask, this is part of the overall cost of the work. I will provide scaled drawings, as needed for approval, to show how the final work will be sandblasted. 

Do you have etched glass designs I may choose from and modify?
Yes! It is very helpful to have a general idea of the type of design you would like and what you    
expect the design to accomplish, i.e. privacy, beauty, promotion, etc.
I will create drafts design options for you to consider and then finalize a particular design to fit your exact needs. 

I need the full surface of my glass sandblasted because full privacy is most important, although I would like some kind of design. What options do I have?
Thin line borders and graphics are very attractive in contrast on fully sandblasted glass. Minimal privacy is compromised while adding very distinctive elegance.

If  I need a glass piece, can you provide it?
Yes. All of the glass and mirror glass that I provide is carefully inspected to assure it is as flawless as possible  Cheaper glass usually is and it shows. I believe my clients desire and deserve the best glass for their projects.

Could a door or window be sandblasted without removing the glass?
Yes. This is very common and requested often for full ight doors. Full surface sandblasting is performed in my shop, although some designs, border designs and logos can be sandblasted on-site using my portable sandblasting equipment.

I have an existing large plate glass window, is it possible to sandblast a border design or logo on it without removal of the glass?
Yes, depending on the design and the size of the area of sandblasting required. I do not attempt full surface or large fully "frosted" etchings with my portable sandblasting equipment. Border designs, logos, signage, etc., are usually not a problem. Sometimes a vinyl etched-look film product can be applied at a very reasonable price and provides the desired appearance, when sandblasting is not practical.

I already have a specific digital logo design I would like to have sandblasted on my business entrance glass.  How can you help me?
I create drafts design layouts showing the logo design in scale to the entrance door / glass as I would sandblast it. After the design layout is approved, I have portable sandblasting equipment, that I will bring to your business with all materials to etch the glass.

What steps are needed to go forward with you on an etched glass project?
Simply contact me by phone, e-mail or fax with your idea along with any graphics, etc., you may have. On a case by case basis I will consider the request and respond with a quotation. As needed, I can provide scaled drawings, and even sample pieces for final approval.

Will you work together with my craftsman or building contractor and coordinate your work schedule?
Yes, I am usually able to adjust my schedule to accommodate the timing and fixed schedules
of fast paced and specialized projects.  

I need a sample piece to show to others for their approval?
Sometimes it is best to produce a sample piece when a final design or project approval is needed.

Will you pick up and deliver?
When it is practical and within a reasonable driving distance from my shop. The cost is relative to the request.

Phone  734-878-6661